Privacy concerns are extremely important now more than ever. As governments subpoena technology companies to release their communication history, and hackers exploit vulnerable online networks, personal information is almost never completely safe from prying eyes. Crumbleme plans to change all of that.

Messages crumble away

Crumbleme is a messaging platform where messages disappear after a set period of time. We worked extensively on the user experience of setting expiration timers, and the visual effect of the messages actually crumbling into nothingness. Once a message has crumbled, it’s gone forever.

Military-grade encryption

One of the primary tasks we had to overcome centered around encryption. We needed a way to have ourselves as the platform completely shielded from any unencrypted content. We wanted to make sure only the intended recipient would ever see the content of the message. We invented a proprietary encryption algorithm, that is closely tied to the user’s device, so the only way someone would ever know what was being transmitted was to actually obtain the recipient’s physical device.

Feature packed

Some of the features we rolled out for Crumbleme’s launch were full multimedia messaging capabilities, toggle between crumbling and non-crumbling conversations, extra in-app password protection, group messaning, and real-time delivery and read receipts.

Total collaboration

One of the greatest aspects of working where we do is how we are surrounded by other companies with incredible talent. When Crumbleme came into play, we put together an all-star team to handle this massive, industry disrupting product. We worked with DBL Systems to build the infrastructure and Humble Humans to design the magical user interface, while we built the iOS client from the ground up. The entire project team of industry experts resided 10 feet away from each other, allowing cross-company collaboration that’s unmatchable in a traditional agency setting.

Crumbleme was an exciting and fun project to conceptualize and build. We truly believe that private messaging is the future of messaging, and Crumbleme helped to pave the way for a major disruption in the messaging space.

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