Viply is an exciting new tool for organizations of all types to create and offer mobile entrance access passes to their customers. DBL Systems came to us with the initial concept, and we were thrilled to partner with them to build the iOS client for this amazing platform.

API design

We worked closely with DBL Systems to design a comprehensive and secure API for mobile clients. While DBL Systems built the infrastructure, we architected a robust REST client to utilize Viply’s API.

Scan and verify

Viply has a unique method of granting access to venues for their guests. A QR code is present at the access point, and the guest will use the Viply app to scan the code and display their verified access card. We were tasked with coming up with a secure and simple method of reading the QR code through the device camera, and verifying the pass against the logged in user’s account. For an added layer of valid proof, we animated the verification screen so the venue is confident the guest is actually eligible for entrance.

What’s available nearby?

Viply relies on the guest’s location to present them with venues closest to their location. Nearby venues can be viewed through a list sorted by distance, or plotted on a map. This ensures that the venues they see when first opening the app are meaningful and relevant.

Venue notifications

Once a customer purchases a venue’s pass, the venue can send communications to their customers via Apple Push Notifications. We created a system where the venue can include their business details, reference a specific pass, or include a link to a website through the communication platform.

We feel extremely lucky for the opportunity to help build this industry disrupting platform. We can’t wait to see how Viply changes the way venues grant access to their guests, and receive valuable information about their guest behavior through the Viply app.

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